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Our household


Our team consists of a story teller, a day-dreamer, a superstar and a little angel. There is nothing common to us except love at first bite. We wouldn’t have guessed that cakes would bring all of us together and we certainly didn’t use facebook to find each other.

We are not corporate drop-outs, globe-trotters or marxist. All we knew cakes made us happy and we decided to give it a shot.  Each cake is a new idea, a new baby – nurtured with loads of happiness, joy and optimism. Each time we are as thrilled as we were with our first creation – a white rose wedding cake. Yes- they are as delicious as they look.

When an admirer asked the superstar “What do you do for a living ?– she paused for a moment and replied “ I spread happiness” . We sincerely believe that we barter happiness and our household has a substantial contribution in the gross national happiness. 


The only thing that makes us rich are appreciations, compliments and repeat orders. The only question that remains unanswered, so who is the cake artist?- the story teller, the day-dreamer, the superstar or the little angel . Drop in to find the answer.

P.S : We don’t have any legacy, branches or private jets.


Our Approach

Each cake is designed for individual choices, specification and off course the occasion. We draw inspirations from all walks of life and introduce new designs every season.  You might want to incorporate a particular design, images from website or even samples of your favourite shoes/jewellery. We love to incorporate all ideas and design it exclusively for you.


Simple Answers

Q. Do I need to carry anything for consultation?

Please come prepared for consultation. You might want to incorporate a particular design, sketches, and images from websites or even samples of your favourite shoe / bags.  Though we will certainly help you to come up with a design, and the size of cakes, it is easier for us to have some references. Please ensure that you have fair estimate of the number of people you are serving and also small details like if it’s a post dinner dessert or simple celebration cakes etc. 

Any cake you see can be made in either a larger or smaller version. Don't choose your cake style solely by the size you see in the picture.

Q. Can you copy a design from a magazine?

We do it lot of times and even improvise. While there is strong inclination to come up with original ideas but we can always recreate an already existing design whenever requested by our customers.

Q. What are the key ingredients in the cakes?

 Lot of hard work has gone into developing the final recipes that we use to make cakes from scratch. The cakes are made using the best ingredients available in the state of the art Rational Machine which is the Harley of the baking industry. We use imported certified food colours and there are absolutely no preservatives in the cakes and so the cakes you order are prepared fresh every time.


The decorations used are artistically handcrafted  be it figurines or the flowers. Besides the edible decorations, we also use real and artificial flowers depending on the requirement. The key ingredient is love and we ensure highest standards of hygiene in all our baked products. 

Join the Team

If you are good at marketing, managing, design or baking and would like to be a part of the team, please email us your details.

Contact Us

Thank you for getting in touch! You will soon hear from us. Till then, Stay Happy, Stay Safe